February 02, 2011

Long Post (I'm sorry!)

I'm sorry for not posting for ages... I've been a total fatty and I've been b/p-ing like crazy for days. Sigh. I get 2 snow days in a row at least =) Yesterday and today. There's a crazy blizzard here. Or there was... now it's just snowing. So pretty though =)

So since I don't have much to say, I'll just put a bunch of pics here. Mkay?

Before we get started on this, I'd like to mention that any food pictured is totally vegan. Oh and I'll respond to comments because I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO FREAKING MUCH FOR COMMENTING. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

NightFlower - thanks =) I think everything's ok now xx I hope your week gets better too. Just seems like you haven't been very happy from your blog =(

Elara - Twilight's Mormon? Aw.. that makes me sad. I know a cute Mormon boy >.< Don't like him, but he's cool...

Amber - of course you can call me Mango ^_^ <3 The Newsboys are a seriously Christian band. According to Wiki, they're from Australia, founded in 1985. Damn they're old! Here's a pic of them...
Haha oh God... Oreos with peanut butter? Damnit! Now I kinda wanna try it. But no.. must not eat...

Kari - <3 Thank you. Your name reminds me of that one chick from Digimon ^_^ Love that show

Georgia - Omg I missed you <3 <3 I'm glad I'm not the only one who weighs 60 =(

Girl With Tiny Intentions - ^_^ Ha. That's all I can say. <3

Peanut - thanks =) They call me Vampire too o.O

JennShaggy - Sorry, I'd rather not say where in Ohio I live. Privacy and all >.<

So I don't know... I feel like I really shouldn't be blogging. I mean, it seems like most girls want to be attractive, want guys to like them (or girls)... And I'm like... meh I really don't want anyone to like me. The idea of sex or even being found attractive by anyone is repulsive. Terrifying. Sigh. But then I don't really want to leave because there are girls who don't seem to care about guys/girls... So confusing. Oh well. Picture time! I need to stop throwing up >.<

You know what? I'm doing a separate post for all the photos >.<


  1. Don't leave, it's better to show all varieties of experience. I feel the same way about the girls who starve to look fragile or get somebody's love and concern.

    Speaking of attractive, your dog was beautiful.

  2. I'm glad you've posted again :]
    And I like all the photos (I've seen the other posts)
    And aaw. Thank you :]
    There's no reason for you not to be blogging. We love your blogging :] xx

  3. YAY Mango! ^-^ hehe I'm glad you are blogging again.
    I feel the same way as you do about the whole guy/sex thing. I don't want someone to like me because I'm tiny/fragile. I don't want someone to have to take care of me. I'm doing this for me. I don't want a relationship out of this. I don't care about the guys/girls. It's all about me! lol jk.
    Oh and the Newsboys don't look very old. Hmm, but 1985? They are older than my oldest sister!! O.o Oldies! lol.

  4. I'm glad you've posted again! And yes please keep blogging! It doesn't matter that certain girls feel differently then you do, this is for YOU!
    Is that why you said the thinspo I posted was sickening? I didn't mean to make you feel like that :((


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