January 22, 2011


That's how many kg I weigh. Can you say fucking FATASS? But I'll get it down. I will. Watch me. Ugh fuck I'm so disgustingly fat...

Hm so there's actually a lot to talk about for this post...

small, Whoa o.O I'm never eating almonds again! That's gross.... pistachios it is =)

So... two lovely bloggers gave me an award =)
Night Flower and Amber gave me this...

I guess the rules are write 10 things about yourself and pass it on to 5 people...

10 things... Hm... My life isn't very exciting >.< I'm sorry...

1. My real name is Margarita, though I go by Mango in my real life.

2. I used to have a white German Shepherd until my parents gave her away because they didn't want to take care of her. I might post pictures of her on here later =) She was beautiful.

3. I still secretly like the Newsboys >.> I grew up on them.

4. There are nuts and skittles stashed in my tshirt drawer right now. I won't eat them, but they're there just to hang out and stuff.

5. I text a lot of people that I've never met. I trust them more than I trust the people I know in real life. (This is starting to feel like PostSecret)

6. I used to be blonde until I dyed my hair dark brown a few times. Now I'm dirty blonde. >.<

7. Oreos are my biggest weakness. (But I'm determined to show the who's in charge so I'm having my mom buy them when she goes to the store XD)

8. I bite my lips. A lot. I probably shouldn't, but I seem to need to constantly bite something? I hate it... I'm trying to stop.

9. I love books. All of them except 4. The Twilight books. They're the only books I have mistreated. I threw them into a big trash can during locker clean up day at school one year.

10. I love following vegan food blogs because it's wonderful food porn.

I'm sorry that my 10 things suck so much >.<

So... 5 people to pass this on to!
SophieA Girl with Tiny IntentionsAddicted to ThinSkinny Love, and Elara.

So this week. Sigh. My best friend's bf tried to kill himself and ended up in the hospital. Then my best friend broke up with him cause apparently he doesn't want to date a 14 year old. I think he's being a dick... you don't break up with someone right after they try to kill themselves. And he already has a new guy that he likes... And yes, the new guy likes him too. It pisses me off.
To add to this, my little brother's girlfriend (he's not actually biologically related to me... or adopted... he's just a good friend) also tried to kill herself by ODing. She's also in the hospital. Sigh.

It's been a bad week I guess.

Dylan and I kept fighting because all I was doing was b/p-ing (mostly for the purge... I didn't want the food) during all this and he hates that I do that and... ugh. I think we'll be ok though. I hope we'll be ok. He still says he loves me. =)

To counteract the shittiness of this post, I'm posting pics!

Vampire story cover designed by my friend =) I came up with the title, he came up with the picture. We were bored and it made me smile.

And a lovely picture =) I think it describes the way my mind sometimes is really well. Like there's something physically holding me back from touching food (with the intent of eating it).

And with that, I leave you. Goodbye, my lovely readers <3


  1. I love the facts and pictures! And I really like your name. :)
    I'm sorry about everything with your best friend and his boyfriend and the fighting...it sounds like a big mess.
    I hope you're okay and that next week is a little bit better xxx

  2. #9 is hilarious! Screw Mormon propaganda urging girls to give up their friends and family for a violent older man.

    I'm sorry there's been a lot of sadness in your life recently. Their problems don't have to become your own, you know.

  3. I loved reading those facts about you! I really like your name..both of them! Can I call you Mango now? =)
    A white German Shepard? Wow. I really want to see pics of that.
    Who are the Newsboys? Are they a British band?
    I text people I met off of PT more than my "real life" friends.
    I'm a dirty blonde too! Only I'm naturally that way.
    I love Oreos! Have you ever tried them with peanut butter?
    I bit my lips too.
    You Twilight one made me laugh. =)
    Sorry that things are rough in your life right now. I hope things get better. Stay strong.

  4. Oreos+peanut butter are awesome. As are peanut butter oreos - way better than regular ones.
    I grew up on the Newsboys too! And Plus One. Love it.
    And I follow a ridiculous number of vegan food blogs - love.

    I hope things get better, these facts were really interesting.

  5. I liked your ten facts about you, thanks for picking me to post them too.. I'll get on it (:

  6. Hope things are getting better. I was at 60 kg this morning - yuck. We will both fix that though!

    - georgia

  7. Wow, your name is awesome! It would be fun being your friend because you would get to say 'hey, mango!' all that time haha.

  8. Thanks, Vampire. So do I.

    Where about in Ohio are you? I'm Youngstown born and raised...

  9. omg i used to bite my lips all the time, but no i bite my boyfriend. it hurts him though..


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