January 09, 2011


Are this week. Ahh!!! I have 4 - French, Sociology, English, and Physics =)

A Girl with Tiny Intentions, they are really yummy =) Trident Layers is god... no joke.

Night Flower, oh my god that story made me laugh XD I haven't tried yelling at mine... maybe I should do that when my parents aren't home to question my sanity...

I'm probably (hopefully!) getting a new battery for my scale this week.

Um.. I had something to say. Oh! Ok, this will probably kill part of my anonymity, but... I got into all the colleges I applied to! Miami University is the dream and I got in and I think I'm going there =D The campus is gorgeous. But I feel like I should visit OSU just in case I realize I want to go to a big school. You know? But yeah =) I'm excited



  1. Congratulations! Those are both deceptively difficult colleges to get into. Both of my younger sisters attend OSU, and my secondary boyfriend lives just outside the south campus, so I've spent a lot of time up there. It's very food-centric; they even have 24 hour delivery services for french toast and cookies. Aside from the art galleries in Short North, there's not much to do. If you can afford MU, why not? The courses are much more interesting. The only drawbacks are the Greek system and difficulty finding an on-campus job.

  2. Haha you have to try yelling at them, it works miracles ;]

    Congrats about the schools!

    Hope you're okay xxx

  3. YAY for getting into college(s)! I think it's a very exciting time in your life. I'm in college right now. I enoy it. I didn't realize you were this old. (don't really know how young I thought you were but I didn't think 17/18) Okay, well just wanted to say congrats and I hope you keep up updated!

  4. Congrats on getting into your dream school!! Why can't you juice fast?

  5. You're very sweet, thank you. Good luck on your exams, and good job on colleges


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