January 12, 2011

Exams pt2

Wow. 30 followers. Thank you <3

Elara, thank you =) The reason I was considering OSU is that I like the idea of disappearing. And from what I've heard about MU, it's pretty food-centric too... like all the students there said the food is amazing. I don't really care though. It should be easy to avoid it. What's wrong with the Greek system at MU? They said it like... it's not that big there.

Night Flower thanks <3

Amber 17 is old? >.> Thanks XD

Skinny Love, I can't juice fast because my parents would notice and get pissed at me =/ They freak out so much if I don't eat

The Girl With The Chaotic Mind thanks =)

Well I'm done with exams. Had 2 yesterday and 2 today. Woot. Piano lesson today. Yayyy.... not. Whatever. I don't care.

I had a clementine yesterday and threw it up and haven't eaten since then. And I've been really dizzy. Which is weird, cause I used to fast for days in the summer and I'd just be super happy and everything... Argh. I don't know. Maybe it's the cold and lack of sleep?

My stepdad is downstairs and it sounds like he's snorting coke or something >.> Ugh it's quite annoying.

Hope you all are doing well <3


  1. I hope the exams went well =) Mmm my stepdad annoys me too sometimes. :/ I'm sorry you feel dizzy :/ be careful! xx

  2. Oh okay, that sucks. Unfortunately, I'm away at university with my boyfriend so it is kind of tricky for me to fast as well since we usually eat dinner together. I had to cut my fast short and eat dinner on day 6 because he was getting suspicious :(


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