January 01, 2011


First of all.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope all of you have a lovely 2011 because you all definitely deserve it =) And no, I don't care if you don't think you do. I say you do and that should be enough =)

This year is my graduation year... the year I turn 18... wow!
Last night was... meh. My stepdad dragged me to this party-ish thing with all these shooters and we ended up using balloons as targets for an airsoft gun. It was actually quite fun =) I can't wait to get back out to the shooting range and shoot a real gun though! Haha. So my stepdad and the guy he gave a ride to got drunk so I got to drive them home... That was fun, especially since I had no idea where I was going and I was depending on 2 drunk guys to tell me how to get home... Woot!

I've been like sleeping all day >.< Ugh. It's horrible. Though to be honest, I didn't get home until like 4am and I stayed up reading for a bit. Also, I barely slept at all the past few nights. So I guess it makes sense.

I did 306 leg lifts and crunches (each, not like total) on Thursday =) Not as good Friday (yesterday)... only 153 each =( and none today... yay I'm a fatty. And I drank last night and had a full cal mountain dew (which I threw up part of on purpose... yep less than 24 hours into the year and I'm already being a stupid bulimic. Why am I not surprised?

Oooo ooo comments! ^_^ Comments make me SO FREAKING HAPPY. You have no idea =) Actually wait.. you bloggers might >.> Haha. Love youuu!

Cee, first of all... that's really cool that you've switched your blog from WP to Blogger o.O How did you do that? O.o *is easily distracted* Also, you're recovering? That's amazing =) I hope you do recover! <3 <3 Good luck <3

unbeautiful, k first of all... you need a new name >.< Cause I hate calling you unbeautiful, cause you totally aren't =) You're gorgeous. Good luck staying cut-free <3 and all your other resolutions. I know you can do it <3

Night Flower, I'm so happy you're back ^_^ I missed you! I am ok-ish (haha), thank you ^_^

<3 Aww I love you girls. You make me feel so cared about ^_^

Haha I sound like an idiot right now, don't I? I'm sorry about that... I'm just so out of it and everything's super surreal. I think it's cause I basically slept all of today.. Haha.

So I have a debate next week for sociology and I haven't done ANY work on it. At all. Hm. I should probably do something about that.

Once again, I hope all of you lovely ladies (and guys) have a wonderful 2011 <3


  1. A happy new year to you too! Sounds like you have a big year ahead of you. Sounds like my year last year. :)
    I wish you luck on your debate. I could never do one of those.
    As for the ED, don't be too hard on yourself. You can still make this year better. It's okay. No, you're not a fatty for not doing exercise. It's okay to take a break every now and then. Just feel better about yourself because you are pretty amazing. :)
    And as for me, you can call me Amber if that makes you feel better. :)

  2. Aaw you don't sound like an idiot. =)I missed you too! Happy New Year!!! =) I have no clue personally what I'll be doing this year... But I hope you have a brilliant year ahead of you. =) xxx

  3. Thank you! Good luck on yours as well (;
    You crack me up when you wrote: 'yep less than 24 hours into the year and I'm already being a stupid bulimic. Why am I not surprised?' Lol I know what you mean.


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