January 16, 2011

5 day weekend

I love how my post titles revolve around school-related stuff, even though I despise that place...

Morrigan, I LOVE YOUR NAME! >.< Anywayyy =) Thanks <3 I think I failed my exams, but it's only 1/5th of the semester grade, so it's ok XD

Skinny Love, yeah I read your blog >.> I'm sorry that you had to cut your fast short =( I know how much that sucks

I haven't really been doing anything exciting. I got a new battery for the scale (MY scale now), so I'll get that in and weigh myself as soon as my parents are gone. I'm so nervous =( I probably weigh like 65kg. Oh... I put my goals to the right > on my blog. In kg cause 30kg is my goal. Have I explained that? It was the weight my aunt was when she died from anorexia, but I think she was way taller than me. It just seems like a nice number (66lbs for those who don't understand kg), though I wouldn't mind going lower.

I epically binged yesterday and I'm paying the price for it today =(
-half a banana -60cals
-bag of skittles (a 1 serving bag) -230cals
-miso -30cals
-17 pistachios -??50cals? Ok just googled it... says 1 pistachio is 4cals, so 68cals
-1 apple -100cals
-rice with fucking FRIED MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS. WTF??? -300cals (estimate)
Total: 788

Wait... what? ...Under 800cals and I could swear it's the worst all day binge ever?
I don't know what's going on

I also went on a walk yesterday to get gum (and the BATTERYYYY)
-Trident wild blueberry twist (smells like a blueberry muffin!!! So yummy) -3.5cals per piece, 18 pieces per pack
-Trident layers wild strawberry/tangy citrus (haven't opened yet but I'm sure it'll be great cause the other Trident layers one I got was AMAZING!) -4cals per piece, 14 pieces per pack
-Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip (god. Just god. That's all) -5cals per stick, 15 sticks per pack
-EDD Strawberry Shortcake (yummyyy) -5cals per stick, 15 sticks per pack

I feel like I'm turning into a gum connoisseur XD

The walk burned 180-ish cals, according to the interwebz. So... 608 net cals for the day. Not including all the random exercises I did in the evening cause I was upset.

I didn't mention this, but D and I got back together. We were texting last night and he was like "it's me or your weight loss thing, you can't have both" and I picked the weight loss. Then I decided I don't want to live without him, so I was like "I choose you" (POKEMON! I CHOOSE YOU, PIKACHU!) and I decided I'll just lie to him about what I eat and if I exercise and how much I weigh. I hope that'll work.

Hope you all are doing well <3


  1. Haha thank you ;] I'm sorry about the exams. I'm glad you got new scale batteries :D Your "binge" really wasn't bad at all D: Haha I personally hate gum but I'm glad you like it. :)
    Take care xxx

  2. I wish my binges were all below 800 calories. lol jk. It really wasn't horrible. Just try to remember that a normal person eats way more than 1200 calories a day. You were way under that so no need to fret.
    I for one looove gum! I really love the Extra dessert ones. They are both so yummy!! I actually have the strawberry shortcake one in my backpack. 0.o
    I laughed at your Pokemon reference. =P
    Be careful with your weight loss.

  3. A pistachio is 4 calories? Screw almonds, then. They are 7 each. I'm moving on to pistachios, baby! Plus they have the added benefit of having to work hard to get at them. ;)


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