January 03, 2011


I am =)
So I found a scale. But. When I stepped on it. It didn't work. WTF? Am I really that heavy??? It's a digital scale and like I checked for a power switch or something and there was nothing and it wasn't lighting up when I stepped on it... I hope whoever is up there is laughing right now because some good needs to come out of this.

Amber, yay thank you =D The debate isn't really optional though XD Everyone taking sociology has to do it. Blah... Still haven't done any work on mine. Woot.

Night Flower, haha thank you. I hope you have a loveleh year too <3

A Girl with Tiny Intentions, yay I made someone laugh! ^_^ I feel accomplished

I'm in a very grateful, loving mood. No idea why.

I went on a walk today. 2 hours in the freezing fucking cold... But when I got home (with 4 packs of gum and another RS membership card.. yeah I'm a nerd SHUT UP. Gum = trident layer stuff (apple/pineapple), Extra dessert delights in strawberry shortcake and key lime pie, and Orbit watermelon mint (I think.... watermelon mist? Something like that) I love gum =)) and warmed up under a blanket for about an hour with my book (Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card) I was really happy =D

No exercise today though =(

Sunday exercise - 340 (each) leg lifts and crunches

Yay look at the fat pig!

Blah blah blah... I have to do a video for history this week. Due Thursday. Fuckkkkk. I'm too fat to be in a video >.<


Love you


  1. I hope you figure out that dumb scale! Maybe its the batteries..? Lol I have no idea
    Oh my gosh all those gum flavors sound SO yummy.. I'm usually a boring spearmint gum-chewer.. but now I really wanna try the strawberry shortcake one (:

  2. You're not a fat pig! Haha I had scales like that once. They were useless! Mine came on eventually, but only after I picked them up, put them back down again, tapped them, sat on a chair with my feet on them, stood on them, and then yelled at them...lol. It wasn't quite so amusing at the time ;]

    Good luck with the history video, I hope you're okay =) xx


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