February 10, 2011



Anyway. Moving on to more important things. Monday's weight: 58.4 Hai my name is Vampire and I'm a fatass!

I just want to tell you all thank you SO FREAKING MUCH for commenting. Oh my God. It seriously made my day, which needed to be made cause I'm home "sick" from school. Aka I'm on my stupid fatass period and too bitchy about it to deal with school.

Er now that I think about it... sorry for posting like 6 times in one day >.<

Elara thank you <3 I'm glad I'm not the only one

NightFlower thank youuu <3 ^_^

A Girl With Tiny Intentions I'm glad you liked it =D I love that pic too, though it kinda reminds me of the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe <3 But yeah ^_^ It made me happy

Ohh for those of you who don't know... the pic of the anime guy eating a cube of sugar of a spoon... his name is L and he's from the manga/anime called the Deathnote. And yes we DO worship him =D

Amber, thank you for commenting. And don't try to kill yourself again, I love you <3

Peanut she was always really friendly and loving and stuff. She always let me hug her, never tried to hurt another person (though she did kill a few birds and other small animals, but not that often). When we went to pick her out from the private breeder though, she was the only girl - she had a ton of brothers though. But she was the energetic one and her brothers were all like meh.... -.- XD

So nothing particularly interesting has been going on. Um.. my French teacher picked me to go to the university nearby (a university nearby -.- There are at least 3) for this annual foreign language competition. Each school can only bring 8 students for every language, so I was pretty flattered =)

We're not going to talk about my eating cause I'm a fatass, k? Yeah great... Current weight estimate: 500kg. If it's any less than that, I'll be surprised.

Hm. I'm failing physics. I'm not sure I care. Only to the point that it'll piss my mom off and I need to keep her happy. But I told her I thought I wasn't doing very well in that class but that I AM WORKING ON IT. Yeah. Right. Ok. Who cares about angular kinematics and torque? Seriously?

Plan for today is to read blogs and not freeze to death. And play Runescape because I'm an addict =P

So I was wondering... did you guys mind the food post? I'm afraid it might be a trigger for someone... please tell me if it was and I won't do it again or I'll post a warning or something...

I love you <3


  1. Physics is the worst. I had to teach it one summer. Worst thing ever.

    Thanks for your comment. What drink do you get monotony with?

  2. Congrats on being picked for the language competition :] I'm sorry about physics.
    And there's no problem in posting 6 times a day, I liked the posts! :]
    I hope you didn't freeze to death - we'd miss your posts! ;]
    Take care xxx

  3. Congrats on the language competition! Chemistry killed me, although I didn;t particularly enjoy physics either. Don't worry, you don't really need physics in law school unless you want to do intellectual property : )



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