February 19, 2011


I've just been so out of it and I'm like...meh I don't wanna blog. But then I remembered how annoyed I get when the bloggers I follow don't post in ages so I'm like narrrgggg might as well remind them of how lovely and amazing and loved they all are <3

Comments <3

Georgia (whaaa you don't have a blog link in your name so I can't link you.. I'm sorryyyy =( ), that's good to know =D I hope there's no physics/math stuff on the LSAT either... >.<

NightFlower, thank you <3 Oh and that was a lovely..story? short story? you wrote on your blog =D It was...intense. Like, really artistic and beautiful... Hrm yeah I'm bad with words <3 You're lovely dear

Kari, o.O Teaching physics in the summer? Ouch... I'm sorry... I get drink monotony with water/coffee.. It's like, I want it to taste like something else, but that would add unnecessary calories and it's like... GRRR I don't wanna do that. >.<

So er... I got a new phone =D And if anyone wants to text (US only... I'm sorry T_T)...that would be lovelyyyy ^_^ I wuv my new phone so much... here's a pic! (Taken from Google >.>)
Isn't it beautiful? I think I'm in love with it =)

Weight is probably too high. Ugh. Fuck. I don't know. I went ice skating last night. I used to be really serious about it when I was a kid, but I haven't done it in years... It felt good though. I could still skate better than almost everyone there. And I got to watch all these fat college chicks fall and stuff =D Wonderful reverse thinspo

So D and I are completely over. I'm not too upset about it. I still have my friends. And by the end of it, he was spending all his time getting high with his friends and we never even talked, let along hung out, so it was like...yeah this is over. I'm kinda relieved.

My mom is a fatass. Also wonderful reverse thinspo. When she walks in the kitchen (she's always in the kitchen) I can feel it shaking the house...ugh I need to get some really loud music. My parents are so loud it makes me want to shoot myself.

I've been on a recovery forum for cutting. It's really helped =) I still want to cut like holyfuckingshit, but then I'm like... no, breathe, Vampire, you can do this... So I haven't been hurting myself as much recently =) I'm really happy about that.

Hopefully my next post will be better. No, not hopefully. It WILL be better. Positive thinking!

<3 <3 <3

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  1. That phone is cool ;3.

    and I'm glad the forum is helping you <3

    Stay safe <3


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