February 26, 2011

Mais oui, je parle francais!

Doing French club shit today... should probably get dressed for that soon, since my friend is picking me up in less than an hour.

Sigh. Yeah yesterday was shit. I got 2 snow days this week and Monday off, so I only had 2 days of school. However, my parents got yesterday off too so I ended up staying home all day crying and trying not to cut. I did SH a bit, but no cutting... Until this morning when I absolutely had to and I sliced up my leg and now I'm fine... Relatively. Happy that I'm getting out of the house.
My parents are just so loud and mentally invasive and it's like.. leave me the fuck alone...I'm an introvert, I need my goddamn peace and quiet. But I can't even get that at night (which is usually *my* time) because they've decided that the snow means they need to play their movies 500x louder. That or they're going deaf cause they're so goddamn old.

Yeah I'm not in a good mood right now. I'm sorry. I missed you lovely ladies so much <3

I promise I've been reading your blogs... I just don't know what to comment. Night Flower left. I'm gonna miss her =/ Though I'm glad she's found a reason to get out of this poisonous world.

Comments I guess....

Ana, yes I am GhostMango ^_^ Hai <3 <3 <3

Elara, haha god I know I couldn't find anything on her and she's so gorgeous... I was like...whaaa? Why??? D=

So you ladies don't mind the thinspo/food posts?

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  1. I like whatever you decide to post, and I'm sorry it's been rough being stuck inside with your parents.

    I wish I spoke French - I learned Spanish - I'm pretty sure I don't even pronounce bonjour correctly. Can't win em all. :)


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