May 26, 2011


I don't know what happened. The night before last, there was broken glass. I was playing with it and suddenly there was blood pouring out of my hands. It was...surreal. Is this really happening? When I went to rinse them off, the blood just kept coming out...the water was all red... so of course I told my stepdad, cause it was...fuck I couldn't think...I felt so bad about it though... there are people dealing with real problems and I'm crying about a few cuts... I mean, I'm a cutter..I'm used to cuts...what the fuck is wrong with me?


Fuck I don't know.

The last day of high school was yesterday. Graduation's Sunday.

Did I mention I'm hosting a French student for a few days this summer?

I started a blog for my writing... please don't refer to this blog if you comment it or anything. I want to keep it separate as I might share it with people who I don't want knowing about my weirdness.
Here's the link... Writings of a Mango

I'm listening to Viz by Le Tigre. I really like it. It makes me happy =)

I have to see my dad on Sunday. I hope he doesn't call me fat.


  1. Just so you know, both of your blogs show up on your profile, so if you let someone you know read the Writings of a Mango one, they could just click on your profile and see the other and then click the link and come to this one.

  2. Congrats on graduating! well on Sunday anyways. ;)

  3. A person can go from one to the other through your profile. You have both blogs listed. So if you let someone see your writing blog and they look at your profile, they will see both blogs. You can make it so the blog you don't want people to find isn't shown on your profile. You would do that by clicking on edit profile on your dashboard and then click the blue select blogs to display and then uncheck the box by Nothing More Than A Shadow and click save. Then you should probably look at your profile to make sure it worked. It would make it harder for new people to find this blog though so this blog won't get followers as quickly. A lot of the blogs I follow, I follow because there was a link to the blog on their profile. You could just make another profile for your writing one so the two wouldn't be connected.

  4. I would hope your father wouldn't call you fat. That would be disgraceful. I'm sure you're a beautiful young lady!

    And I went through a couple of your old posts and saw the reverse thinspo - LOL. Nice!

  5. Sorry about the cuts, that's kind of scary no matter what your history.

    And congrats on finishing high school I hope you're graduation's really fun!


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