January 10, 2012


That is my post-break weight. Fuck.

But it will go down. Believe me. I'll make it go down.

Today I've had

-3 vitamin C drops (15cals each)
-some diet coke (less than half a 20oz bottle) (1cal)
-1 piece of gum (5cals)
So 21cals total

I'm not hungry. I honestly don't want to eat.

This is gonna be graphic as hell. I apologize. But the thing that keeps me from eating when my friends want me to or whatever is the fact that it will have to be removed from my body. Either bulimia or uh... more natural ways. Both are disgusting. So therefore, eating is disgusting.

My friend made me eat last night.
I ate too much and threw it up and came back to her room laughing. She was like "dude, Vampire [okay, not Vampire, but my real nickname], you're crazy..."
But she wants to room with me next year.
Guess we'll do that.

I dunno.

I think my roommate's back.
Which means I should get off here.
She looks at thinspo.
I've seen it on her computer like if she leaves it on when she leaves the room for a second and I happen to glance to her side of the room.
I wonder if she has an ED?
She's certainly thin enough.


Time to go lose this fucking weight.

Love you all. <3

Comment me if you haven't noticed me commenting on your blog and I'll go see why I was being such a bitch to you. <3

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