December 17, 2012


Not good, but... decent I guess?

I have a slight problem... I went to the doctor for it but she said it'll take like up to two weeks for them to rule out STD's/bacterial infection so... blah. The problem? TMI WARNING. Should have mentioned that earlier. >_< Anyway. Tmi begins now... you have been warned. I've been peeing a lot recently. Not a lot as in quantity, but just... frequency. So it kind of freaked me out and I went to the doctor and she was like yeahhh the lab results will take fucking ages and she didn't really tell me anything else so now I'm just sitting at home being miserable. And reading. Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon is a really good book. =D

Anyway. To deal with this problem. I've been instructed to drink lots of water (of which I have no objection to, since water is awesome!), homemade cranberry juice (not lots, but... ugh it's kinda high-cal?) and chamomile tea. My mom brought over fresh cranberries and a box of tea the other day... so I'm kinda worried my weight's gone up just from all the liquids. I dunno...

I feel like shit though. I'm never taking my health for granted again. >_< Hopefully.


  1. D-mannose powder and hot baths! Bladder infections suck. Get better chika!

  2. Drinking liquids won't make you gain, because surprisingly, the more you drink, the more you pee. Your body won't fear dehydration so it is more likely to release the liquid instead of showing water weight.


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