January 11, 2016


One of my ferrets hanging out on my (fat T_T) arm

Mom took me shopping the other day. Got 3 tops and 2 pairs of tights =)

Intake today
Breakfast: half cup chickpeas with half cup bell pepper/onion
Lunch: Quorn cutlet with half cup corn and a tiny bit of sriracha
Dinner: Hershey's kiss

Classes start today, which should be fun, I guess. XD

@Bella - I'm sorry XD I just found out when I went to creep on Sam's profile from the commentshe left XD

@Sam - Yeah but this coffee maker makes Keurig stuff too. Chai lattes (for only 60 calories!) and hot apple cider and all sorts of lovely things <3 


  1. You have ferrets?! I'm so jealous. Rodents and marsupials and whatnot freak my mum out, but I've always wanted a hamster (thanks, Hamtaro).

    I have a bad habit of replying to Sam's comments on other people's blogs.. Sorry :P


  2. bad Vampire. your arm is not fat.

    oh my god, it's Draco Malfoy (couldn't resist the Harry Potter reference).

    pretty clothes. pity you haven't gone lingerie shopping. now that's something i'd /love/ to see.

    Chai lattes from a coffee maker...? this is a serious advancement in technology that i was not aware of. curse the coffee maker downstairs that does not make chai lattes!

    we've chai masala made from the machine in our gym. it's deliciously sickeningly sweet. and everyone there is like "it would be perfect with less sugar." FOOLS.

    i have a bad habit of reading Bella's comments on everyone else's blogs.

    -Sam Lupin


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