January 25, 2016


The ones on the blue background are little souvenirs I got from Venice and China =) (years and years ago)

And a selfie cause why not.

@Bella - I mean, his girlfriend knows at least part of what's going on since according to the police, she was the one who answered the phone when they tried to contact him to set up a meeting time to give away the puppy. Also, judging from the fact that the only phone number they have is the one I gave them that he was texting me shitty things from over the summer, that's also the one the police called to leave a voicemail saying he isn't supposed to be contacting me, and the police said his phone is shut off (probably because he didn't pay the phone bill), so it's probably her phone. Ugh. Point is, I'm pretty sure she deserves what she gets at this point, since she's been warned by both me and the fact that I need police around just to feel remotely safe around him. 

Anyway. I'm having hot apple cider for breakfast and going to the store today after class, so no idea what I'm doing for dinner. But I'm sure I'll burn loads of calories today since walking in the cold always does that ^_^

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  1. Cute! I love the little cupcake.

    I'm pretty jealous of your fancy coffee machine. I bought a manual one years ago, but only really started using it a couple of months ago. Now I haven't had instant in months. I can't froth milk properly yet, but I'm a pro at making espresso. As soon as I wake up, it's 4 shots in my huge Starbucks thermos mug, bam, perfect.



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