January 22, 2016

Long rant-y post. Feel free to ignore.

I got to hand over my dog yesterday. Under police supervision. To my abusive ex. He came with his girlfriend/fiance/whatever.
I have a police order against him (he's not allowed to attempt any contact with me) and he decided to contact me the day before yesterday and ask me to give him my dog. (Our original agreement, when he moved out, was that he would take her) I decided, sure she's a lot of work and I can't quite keep up with her. So I went to the police and told them that he contacted me and asked if they could be there while I handed my dog over.

I gotta say though. His girlfriend is obviously aware that his ex (aka me) had to call the police on him and won't even be anywhere near him without police protection. Why in fuck does she think that dating him is a good idea? (Oh right, because she's 19 and he's 24 and she apparently calls him "daddy" - wtf. I'm all for kinky stuff, but literally everyone I've encountered who's into that thinks 50 shades is "hot" and doesn't really get the concept of consent. Also, they all seem to have some serious mental issues that they're very determined to ignore.)
It gets better. Back in the summer, when my ex and I broke up, she messaged me and asked me if it was normal for him to get uncontrollably angry randomly. Yes it is. I told her to get out while she could and directed her to contact the police or a few women's shelters in town if she felt unsafe. Her response? Thanks but he hasn't hit me or anything yet. 
So, at this point, I think they both deserve what they get.

Also they're both really fat and quite ugly. Every time I've seen her she's been wearing sweatpants - super tacky ones - and she's so large I can't even tell if she has a waist. It's honestly kind of funny. And him? He dyed his hair some awful color (actually 2 - looks like he tried to do half red, half green. The red turned pink and the green just faded) and his hair is bleach-damaged as fuck. He looked like a caveman who spilled paint on his head a few months ago and hasn't showered since. I wish I was exaggerating. 

Then I had to go to work (just from 6-9pm, not too bad) and my coworkers could tell I was upset I guess. One of them even bought me a shot (of some delicious grapefruit, 80 proof thing), which was super sweet of her. Side note: I absolutely love having a job that's so laid-back. Whenever there aren't customers around, I can just play on my phone or get something to drink from the bar. The atmosphere is wonderful, even if I don't indulge in the food that we're always experimenting with and encouraging each other to try. Cooking is fun. Eating? Not so much. Also, my boss has almost insisted that I drink with him while I was on the clock on a few occasions. Seriously, such a relaxing job. XD

Anyway. That shitty episode of my life is over. Ex has still been warned that he needs to not contact me, or I will press charges. I could have this time (the police asked me if I wanted him arrested and have charges pressed) but I just said I want him to have no contact with me and stay out of my life.

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  1. Oh, you poor thing :( Won't he get in trouble for contacting you? I feel sad for his girlfriend. She obviously doesn't know the extent of how bad things are/isn't able to leave. I'm really glad you contacted the police to be there. Please don't hesitate to take action if he contacts you again. He sounds dangerous, and doesn't deserve to be given any leeway when he knows he shouldn't be contacting you.



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