July 29, 2011


Oh what a fucking achievement! >.<

You should see the numbers going down my arm... haha I keep writing down all my weights XD

Day 4 - Your Parents

This could get complicated...

I always say I have 4 parents. 2 biological, 2 step. I also have 2 godparents, but they aren't very important. I'll mention them in this anyway. 

I live with my biological mother and my stepfather. My mother is crazy. But then, she raised me by herself. She married my stepfather when I was 7. My stepfather is okay I guess. He's not horrible and he's not amazing. He just is.

My biological father and my stepmother live in Maryland. I don't get along with my father at all. I love my stepmom. She introduced me to Metallica. I introduced her to DragonForce. See why I love her? She's fighting cancer right now. It's going well. I hope she'll be okay.

I don't know my godparents. I've met them, but that was when I was about 6 years old. My godfather lives in Norway. My godmother lives in Sacramento, California. My godfather gave me a doll when I was little. I loved her. She was really pretty. She's been shunned to another bedroom in my house now. I don't really like dolls anymore. I've grown up.

My parents are okay. I won't complain about them. Well, my father, yes. But the rest? Nope... they're fine.

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  1. DragonForce?! I love them! I had sort of forgotten about them because my cds are kind of in a mess right now and I found a bunch of mixed cds earlier and played some in the car and one of them had a DragonForce song on it and I was like I totally forgot about them! And I was going to look for the cd so I can play it in the car tomorrow on my way to work but I kind of forgot until now! Time to go cd hunt!


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