July 29, 2011

Current weight: 131.0lbs

After a day of bingeing. Shit I don't even want to think about it.

I want to start something new, cause I think my blog posts are boring as fuck. I apologize.

So... I'll put this into a page, and I'll post the answers on here in each post as well. (Err... one question per post...)

30 days of questions!

Day 1 - Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

Oh shit...

Umm... hi! I'm Vampire! Aka Mango. I'm 17, about to start college in less than a month (omg omg) and I like blogging, even though I suck at it.

Recent picture... fuck... I'm hideous T_T I just took this today... like, within the past hour...

Oh gross... I'm sorry >.< I didn't sleep much

Facts... umm can I skip this?

1. I like happy, upbeat music =)

Like this. It's my dirty secret >.< this song is from a show my cousin (currently 12 years old) was obsessed with a few years ago. It just always makes me smile.

2. I don't like chocolate.

3. Pokemon has replaced my Runescape addiction =)

4. All I really want is for someone to notice me... to notice if I'm happy or not... to care... how selfish does that sound? >.<

5. I'm the only one in my group of close friends who cares about academics/college

6. I suck at cleaning, so I'm constantly doing it XD

7. I like weird food combinations, but only if I'm the one who mixes them

8. I like repetitive games because I can get lost in them and just listen to music and play and nothing else matters. On the contrary, I hate repetitive shows, like Bleach >.<

9. I love reading lists and hate making them (for others. I love writing lists for myself)

10. It takes me a week to unpack after a trip

11. I love being alone

12. I read too much.

13. I hate the sound of birds and lawn mowers. They just really bug me.

14. Every passing day convinces me more and more that I like girls and not guys.

15. I have too much self confidence.

-sigh of relief- It's over!


Does anyone else have this problem where they CAN'T view some blogs because they're under 18?? It's really pissing me off! -_-

I found out who my roommate is for college. She's really thin. She's in a relationship with a guy. Thank you, Facebook.

I wonder what college is going to be like...

I'm terrified.

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