July 25, 2011

Europe Trip - Part 1

Sorry about not posting for so long T_T I was gone for the past month with little internet T_T argh

Yeah I know I'm Russian... but I love Soviet Russia jokes =D

Grey cat = me, orange cat = grandmothers


Nerdiest state ftw =P

This reminds me of Speaker for the Dead...

Awwww <3

I went to Moscow (well, suburbs of Moscow) and Snezhinsk while in Russia. Snezhinsk is a town none of you (most likely...) have heard of. It's in the Urals, very small, guarded and it's what we call a "closed" city - no one can get into the city unless they were born/invited there. I was born there =)

Moscow sucked. Mostly because all I did there was meet my mother's boyfriend. My married mother's boyfriend. I mean, he's really sweet and his story is really sad... he can barely walk even though he's only 33 years old. But the fact that my mother is cheating on her husband... ugh. I was slightly (okay... a bit more than slightly) pacified by the fact that he has an awesome computer =D It has Linux and Windows 7 on it. Oh and he loves computer games and he was fascinated by my DS. Haha. I would like him if he wasn't my mother's boyfriend. Oh and he's a super crazy smart genius physicist. He was personally tutored by my super smart grandfather (who's now dead T_T) - aka my mother's father.


In Snezhinsk (which translated into English, would mean "snow(flake) city" - part of the reason I love snow so much), I mostly stayed with my grandma and my cousin, since they're my only family there. Grandmother tried to feed me chocolate a lot. Ugh I hate chocolate...

I threw up once in Moscow.

Remember - the enemy's gate is always DOWN!

Dragon Army <3


  1. awhhh this one had a lot of cute ones!
    made me laugh((:

  2. That video with the cat is just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my LIFE.

    Thanks for posting these! Plus, Russia sounds lovely.



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