July 29, 2011


Haha I keep jumping on my scale. My weight keeps fluctuating between 131.4 and 131.0, but the last weight I saw was 131.0

Fuck I'm a fatass

So it's been bothering me... on this one girl's blog, she said she's still a virgin and she wanted to change that this past year, but she didn't. She's almost 20. I'm 17 and I'm not a virgin. Does that make me a slut? =/ Ugh... I don't even really enjoy sex... it just happened... and no, it wasn't forced on me or anything, but I was just like... eh, why not?


I need to get through these questions =)

Day 3 - Your first love

Oh Lord.

We were 12. He went to my church. We were best friends. Then we "fell in love". Haha. 12 year old love... RIGHT. We broke up when we were 13. Hated each other. Talked a little since then, but now we'll probably never talk again. I think we're both okay with that.

We both played Runescape =) 

Good times...

He was my first kiss.

His name was Ben.


He's still alive.

He was there the first time I ODed. He talked me through it, I think. I forget. I was too medicated and shit. That was over a year ago I think. That was the second to last time we talked.

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