November 02, 2011

So I'm wearing a dress today. And leggings and boots. It's making me a bit nervous. Haha I feel like I'm too fat for this.

I'm signed up for the same stats class as a fellow pt-er... not like I go on pt anymore, but the fact that I get to take a class with someone who gets me is... amazing. And I have to take this class asap anyway, so why not take it with someone awesome? =D

So last night I got back to the dorm around 7 and my friend's like "pizza! eat! now!" and she watched me eat 2 pieces. So I went and threw them up. Haha. Then I had a handful of skittles and threw those up while I was taking a shower.

Scale today? 126.6. I'd say that was a success, considering yesterday's weight and all.

I know, I know, probably water weight and shit... (oh crap... literally maybe o_O okay gross, moving on...)

I have Chinese in...30mins. So I'm just killing time. Yay.

But I should go... <3

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