November 01, 2011

So I have a French exam today... my weight is probably shit, considering I had 2 exams that I had to study like a bitch for last Friday and my study food? Caffeinated vitamin water zero and sugar. Fuck. But I'm back in control so it's all good. Or it will be. Currently? 128.6. Oh gross.... I almost ate today, but I was like "really? what the fuck will that accomplish? besides making you feel fat and miserable?" so I didn't. That was easy!

Thankfully French exams don't stress me out so I'll just sit there and laugh at the fat chick (who happens to be my friend ;-_- but she's still fat and she apparently does nothing about this, so whatever) who devours a whole container of cookies before class every day and feel all proud of myself for not having eaten all day. Haha.

Oh well. Gotta go do homework and stuff ;-_-

I suspect I might have more time/privacy to comment your blogs within the next few weeks (hopefully!) so.... yay! <3

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