October 27, 2011


I think I'm enjoying this freedom, being an adult thing a little too much... my arm is a mess >.< Ah well.

I find it hilarious that on the debriefing sheets for the experiments we have to do for my psych 111 class, they always say "if you need counseling blah blah blah you have 5 free sessions per year" But on the board in the dorm, it says we have 4 free sessions per year... do they give one more to psych students because psych students/majors are crazy? =P Kidding, I know it's probably a typo or something. But still. It made me laugh.

I'm kinda working on the final draft of my English paper that's due today (just fixing up little things, I'm perfectly fine) and I have French in about an hour... oh shit, I'm supposed to bs some notes on the play we're reading... eh I'll go do that when I submit my English paper... I just want to pass my classes really. I don't give a fuck about grades. As long as I attempt homework, I'm happy. Haha.


I threw up again today. I'm in denial about it though. That okay? Haha.

Kariiii <3 Happy birthdayyyy!

Haha I'm so happy right now =3 no idea why

Oh yeah... I don't think I'm eating for the rest of the day today.

No idea what my weight is.

And my period has mysteriously disappeared. No idea why...

Eh whatever. Love you guys <3

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  1. Yeah we get either 9 or 12 free sessions...it's pretty unclear haha. And thanks - it's a pretty good birthday so far!


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