October 13, 2011

Falante pelos Mortos

I love this book <3

Translation? Speaker for the Dead.

I would go bi for Ender

I read too much... Hume's philosophy fascinates me. "You have experienced a stone falling to the ground many times, but you've never experienced that a stone will always fall to the ground!" Basically, it's saying you should stop treating life/phenomena as a habit I think... that's what the book said anyway. I think saying that defeats the point of philosophy though.

I want to take more than 20 credit hours next semester. Not officially, since that's not allowed with a lot of ass-kissing I think, but auditing? Yeah I can do that! With a ton of languages... and maybe philosophy? That would be fun! So much work, oops sorry can't eat.

Oh wait. I'm not doing that anymore.

I'm not.

I keep throwing up. Haha. Which implies that I eat. Kinda. I think 15-17% of the times I've thrown up (ever), it's been just for the hell of it, even if I hadn't eaten all day. Nyeh.

It was really weird. Every night, after running around all day on vitamin water zero (the orange one, with caffeine!), I get really sick and shaky, so I eat some chips or noodles or candy that my friends offer, go throw it up, and take a shower and fall asleep. So uh... why the fuck am I getting so sick? Isn't vitamin water supposed to be good for you? Bitches...

Going home this weekend.

I feel like a fat pig.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I get to go SHOPPING. Oh joy... Another way to make me feel even fatter!

Shit I gotta stop saying stuff like that.

I wanna stay here though. I love this place...

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