October 07, 2011


我 叫 Vampire。

I have a new obsession. =) I felt like shit until I started typing in Chinese...hmm... I've found my therapy!

我 是 大学生。我 不 是 美国人。

Tell me if that doesn't show up... T_T I'll be sad if it doesn't cause I'm having fun with this! Man... even my FACEBOOK status is in Chinese! ^_^ Si si si. Okay I'm gonna go do my psych homework and stop playing with languages... >_>

I think I'll read Wintergirls... I've heard good things about that book.

Oh and I'm gonna stop this stupid weight loss thing. Okay? Okay. The nausea and dizziness and self hatred isn't worth it. Happy thoughts happy thoughts and keep sipping my vitamin water zero and not fucking eating.

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  1. I can see it. :D
    & good luck with your homework. (:


Not all vampires bite! Comment? ^_^