October 26, 2011

18 ^_^

Kari - your birthday's October 27?? That's awesome! Happy birthday! <3

Haha so my mom emailed me asking what I did on my birthday... I gave her the edited story. Duh. I'll give you all the unedited one. =)

So... I stayed up playing Pokemon until midnight. Then at midnight, while my Togepi is destroying a Rattata, my friends are like HAPPY BIRTHDAY and whip out a chocolate cake. And I'm like O..._...O Err... that was a fucked up O_O.


So I'm sitting there going aw you guys shouldn't have (oh fuck how do I get out of this?) and shit. Then my friend stumbles in all upset cause she had a fight with her friend. She's like "dude! Vampire! (except she used my real nickname) You're 18 now! Let's go uptown!" and I'm like... kay...  So we do. We get into a bar (yay they checked my id! Haha ;-.-) and then we're like.. okay, it's a bunch of wasted townies.. lame... So we go back to campus and go into the "student center" or whatever. Ya know, every college has one? Yep. They sell fruit by the foot there. We get a box. (one of those = 80cals. Holy fuck.) Talk to a guy in her Russian class. We discuss hot girls while my friend stands there trying to understand how someone could find girls attractive and we laugh at her for not getting it. Then he walks with us back to the dorm. Then my friend calls and we have a cute sleepy conversation about how much we love each other and shit like that. Haha. By then it's like 4am... >_< Oh and sometime during this I had my first legal cigarette. =)

Have I mentioned that I'm an adult? Well, I am. This means I can smoke and get a piercing or a tattoo or my hair dyed without parental consent! Finally...


Yeah it's been a pretty good day. =)



The dick texted me at midnight saying happy birthday. I had no idea who it was cause I didn't have his number in my phone. I wish it had stayed that way. I cried and threw up (nothing) when I found out. I hate him.

I love my friends for distracting me though. =) Everyone was super sweet today ^_^

Just hope my friends believe my excuse that I have so much fucking homework and I couldn't possibly go out for dinner tonight cause ya know... gotta study for Chinese!



  1. Happy birthday again! Yeah we get to share a birthday week, yay!

    After I turned 18 I pierced my ears, my nose and got a tattoo. The nose piercing didn't make the cut when I went to medical school, but I did love that feeling of being grown up. I'm glad your friends have been good and I hope you find a way to have fun tonight that you're comfortable with, don't study TOO hard - celebrate!

  2. Happy birthday! When I turned 18 I didn't do anything exciting, so that's pretty awesome! :)


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