October 18, 2011

Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I was home this weekend, right? (And let me tell you... it was hell. I'll tell you about it later in this post, or maybe next post, since I'm supposed to be doing psychology homework right now...) And I was using my mom's netbook (it was the weekend, so she had her laptop) and apparently I forgot to switch to the incognito version of Google Chrome and I logged in on my email account and it was this one, the one I blog on, immortalvampiricshadow.... shit shit shit. She emailed me going "you have a weird gmail username..." I made up some shit about a youtube account... hope she believes me ;-;

And my stomach hurts like a bitch cause I keep throwing up. Stupid idea. But it has to be done.

I got Wintergirls last night. Holy fuck it's depressing. I was almost crying by chapter 5 this morning. Which isn't really a good thing, considering this was in the middle of my environmental biology class... I wouldn't have been reading normally, but my DS died about 30 minutes into the class and I had 45 minutes to go and I was falling asleep so I was like, I'll just read.... >.<


How are you all doing? <3 I miss you guys... =(

My parents are coming up for a day or two the weekend after my birthday. My birthday is the 26th. I'll be 18. Finally.

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