October 24, 2011

So I'm a host student for an overnight college visit thing this school does. Which means I have lunch, dinner, and breakfast with a high school senior. I'm doing this on 3 weekends. Well, I just did it yesterday/this morning, and I'm doing it the first 2 weekends of November. Why do I tell you this? In case it isn't obvious... T_T it's hell! These fat little high schoolers expect me to eat as much as them and while dissecting a pumpkin muffin and some grapes today at breakfast, I realized... I consider eating ANYTHING a binge. What the fuck? I suck at bulimia T_T I've purged like.... 4 times in the past 24 hours? 5? I forget. I have Chinese class soon. In like, 32 minutes. I have to go get a package at the mail center. Wooot. My birthday's on Wednesday. I'll finally be 18! <3

I dunno. I have a writing blog that gets very little love. writingsofamango.blogspot.com It sucks, I'm sorry, but I try... T_T

I do read your blogs... I promise <3 I'm sorry for not commenting T_T

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  1. That must be really hard but it's great that you're hosting students. I mean, that's really generous of you with your time and everything.

    Also my birthday's on Thursday (but I'll be 24) - happy almost-birthday!


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