November 04, 2011

So my kindle decided to do a software update during my Chinese class today. Not really sure of what this means. Hope it didnt get a probably not. I bped today cause I didnt want to go out to see a movie with my friends. My roommates gone...I think I mentioned this... so Im staying up late and studying. Its nice to know I wont have to worrry about bothering anyone with the light on all night or anything. Haha. Yeah. Dunno. I feel really out of it and I want a smoke but Im too lazy to go out and get smokes. Lame I know. Time to go study I guess. Probably wont weigh .yself tomorrow. Or maybe I will to be a bitch to myself. I need a friend. I need a hug. I need to never be touvhed again. I love Wherever I May Roam by Metallica.

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