March 25, 2012


Fuck knows how. I was horrible yesterday. Had a bag (not like a box, but definitely more than a serving) of Cheez-its and an almond snickers. Purged both, obviously. Also had 2 Rockstars (40cals/320mg caffeine total for both) which I didn't purge. I don't think it was really dehydration that gave me that weight since I made sure to drink some water before I went to bed. I dunno. I need to get my shit together and stop purging/cutting/eating.

Comment responses? <3

Ahaha no I'm not the second picture O_O I wish! But thank you for saying I'm your hero =3 I appreciate it.. a lot =)

You, my dear (extra)ordinary girl, are wonderful... thank you! I'll go there tomorrow and ask. <3 Thank you so much! <3

Dunno what else to say. I keep getting this weird -disconnect- feeling. Sleeping way less than I used to. 6-7 hours a night used to be normal. Now it's about 3. It's probably the caffeine.


Random guy [almost-friends] keep trying to convince me to date/sleep with them. And one of my ex's decided to come back and try to get me to fall for her. I would if I didn't know she was just trying to get over a breakup.

Listening to Savior by Rise Against.

I like it.

Here's some nice pictures.

I'll update soon I guess.

Random anecdote, feel free to skip. =3

Haha I skipped my stats class on Thursday with a girl from PT. Yeah, that site? The one I don't go on anymore? We both wanted caffeine (I hadn't had caffeine all day and it was about 3pm, so I had a really bad headache) so we were like fuck it and we just left before class started to get coffee/Rockstar. XD Then we just sat there talking about how to pretend to eat around observant people and caffeine and random shit like that. It was fun. =)

Woot time to go write 3 essays that are due tomorrow/Tuesday... XD

<3 I love all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen. <3

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