March 21, 2012

Pictures. One of me. Guess which one it is.

Haha yes that is where the Master thing comes from (post titled: 126.6). It's a comfort thing for me and he knows that, but for him it's a bit sexual too since he is attracted to me in that way. I'm willing to deal with the sexual part as long as he still loves me though. He's very caring and I feel far safer with him than I've ever felt with anyone else. It's like he's part of me. Yay cheesiness. -_- Okay pictures!

Sorry for all the thinspo... I just thought it was pretty. <3

PostSecret time...

Threw up and cut yesterday. Standing up was really hard today. Dunno why. I feel really fucked up. The girl I used to like saw my cut up arm today (I was wearing a tshirt cause it's hot outside today, 28C) and asked what happened. I told her I fell. My other arm is completely devoid of cuts. I'm not sure if she believed me. >_<

No idea how much I weigh. Floating between 125 and 126 last time I checked.

There's this Rockstar that has 15 calories and 250mg of caffeine.

It's quite lovely.

I fell asleep for the first time in days after drinking one yesterday. It was lovely. It was really fucking hard to wake up. Then I cut. Cause I was too shaky from the caffeine and sleep. I think.

How are you all? <3

Love this song at the moment... love Shy'm <3

Oh my God! I forgot to mention! I came out on Facebook <3 About an hour later, this guy I barely knew, but had a few friendly conversations with (he's not a creeper or anything! Dating one of my good friends) messaged me and told me he's bi. =) Then Master saw this (he has access to my Facebook and goes on it quite often, he never does anything bad though) and now he and the bi guy are friends because Master's bi too. =)


And my mom who's my friend on Facebook *liked* my status where I said I'm into girls, not guys. =)


  1. =D How exciting! It's so great to get that positive feedback for something you were worried about telling people. I was worried about telling people I was Pagan, but they were all cool with it. It's really a good feeling and all.
    You're gonna be my new Hero, because I'm not brave enough to come out as being bi but you mustered up the courage and did it. Good for you! ^.^

  2. Oh, and uuuuuuum. The second picture? =)


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