March 13, 2012


Fuck. Binged horribly yesterday. Friend made me eat dinner. It went downhill from there. I didn't get a chance to purge because she kept watching me. She has no idea about my eating problems so I dunno why she was so concerned with making me eat.

And thanks to my roommate and my insomnia, I'm tired as fuck. How in HELL does it take an HOUR AND A HALF OF LOUD DOOR AND DRAWER SLAMMING TO GET READY FOR CLASS???? Ugh I'm sorry but I'm really fucking tired.

English class starts in 7 minutes and the teacher isn't here yet and none of us are brave enough to try the door so we're all just sitting outside the room... haha. We're lame. Oh well.

I'm leaving this university after this year. Moving to go live with someone. I'll probably get back into college when I'm there. My parents are going to be pissed as fuck but I'm not sure I care.

Yeah I'm gonna go before you all hate me... T_T



  1. First of all, silly, we don't hate you.

    And next, hey, it's your life. If you want to move, than do it. =) If you don't do anything in life then you wont get to do... well ...anything Lol. Still, try not to fight with your folks over it, nothing can ruin your day like a pissy parent.

  2. Regarding your roommate thing, I so totally understand, I can't even begin to explain it. Freshman year, I had the worst roommates; they didn't have any regard for anyone else, whereas I was acutely aware that everything I did affected others. They ruined it for me so much that now I'm living in a single.

    However, one of them was really fat (I hate saying that word, but how else to explain it?) and kind of turned me on to not eating. She used to swallow a pint of ice cream a day, and that was only scratching the surface of her intake. I lost twelve pounds second semester because of her.


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