March 14, 2012


So I'm not going to post every morning. O_O Cause I wanna post pics <3

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No, I am NOT suggesting you try this! O_O
So I went to Mexico over spring break, yes? =3

Well while in Mexico, they were selling these all over the place!

They're got el dia de los muertes. For those of you who know about this tradition, feel free to skip this paragraph (ish) or correct any mistakes I make... Basically, as a Mexican there explained, the cultural tendency is to celebrate the dead, not to fear death. So instead of Halloween, they decorate skulls and do other cool stuff like that.

My sombrero looks exactly like this one! It's sitting on a shelf above my head at this moment. =) It's quite big.

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Gotta deal with my exhaustion somehow, right? Haha... =3

I feel like she's inside me right now. =3


Did I mention my parents have been going back and forth (individually, though they said they talk to each other about it) about getting a divorce for the past year, if not more? Well, not parents, but mom and stepdad. Considering they were the ones who raised me, I feel justified in calling them my parents; they've been married since I was 7.

I didn't think a divorce would freak me out, especially since I don't live at home anymore, but as soon as I heard, I immediately knew I had to leave. For good. I mean, I'll probably come back and visit (if they aren't too mad at me, hope they won't be...), but I'm not living with them as their daughter anymore. They can find another daughter if they really need one.

Blah. Sorry.

I think I need more caffeine, yes? =)


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  1. It's a form of honoring the dead, it's a Catholic thing (All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day on Nov. 1-2) but Mexico is a fantastic place to get the full experience. If you ever get a chance to visit during their celebrations - go!!! They spend days upon days making extravagant altars and wreaths for their deceased and at night, cemeteries almost look like they're on fire from thousands of candles!! It truly is beautiful. They celebrate their lost loved ones' lives and spirits...ahhh now I have to go back to look at all the photos I took (I traveled around Mexico for a realllllly long time haha).

    Sorry for the long comment, I just really adore Mexico and their culture ^.^ oh and the sugared skulls are delish...they make sugared everything too! I've even seen horse heads, hamburgers (weird I know), and school's crazy, but (I don't know if you tasted one) they're hollow inside which is really neat :)

    Okay, I'll stop now haha glad you had a great time!


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