June 26, 2013

6/26/13 (tmi warning)

I've been having sex with the bf for the past 48 hours almost nonstop. Oh my god. Even when our friend came over and spent the night.


That's over though. XD

He got me a 12 pack of Monster Rehab minis. <3 So cute!
They're low cal(ish) (Something like 5 or 10 cals per can. 5 I think) and it's an energy drink so... yes =D

Also he got me old ps2 (pre-skylanders) spyro games. Wheee. And I have Skyrim and my new Final Fantasy game and Fable and ahh I'm just surrounded by video games at the moment. =)

Picture of the Baltic Sea that I took while I was in Latvia. ^_^

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  1. yeah
    im on a diet. i am always on a dietttttt.
    oh my gosh. what? Vampire! what are you doing?
    awwwww. cute. xD.
    yay for video games???
    ohhh! oh! Baltic sea sounds so Viking. lets go there and plan our wars!
    -Sam Lupin


Not all vampires bite! Comment? ^_^