June 02, 2013


Thanks Bella <3


My father said I'm about the size of a hippo. And bigger than a bag of 50 cats, assuming each cat is 10lbs. So... I'm more than 500lbs.


All I want to do is throw up until I fucking die.

But of course I won't because I'm leaving for Latvia tomorrow and I'll get to see my amazingly sweet grandma and I can spend the whole night watching a Death Note movie (on my computer) and reading the two books I got today. <3 And of course playing Pokemon on my DS. Haha. But especially not eating. The flight, including connections, is 15 hours long. So... not long at all for a fast. But much better than eating. <3

Oh and he also asked if I was on the pill (WTF WHY IS IT ANY OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS?) because it looked like I had gained weight.

I really hate my father sometimes. =/

Oh and the best part? He keeps saying he wants to prove that he can be a good father.

But he did just buy me a $180 Android after saying he would only put $150 towards a new phone so... yay? And it actually came out to like $190 after taxes so... haha =3 and the bf is getting me a phone card for it. Oh and he's given me like $80 total for shopping money, not counting the books and shoes he got me. XD I've already spent $60 of it on a video game, underwear (Victoria's Secret <3), and earrings. XD He'll give me more if I want so it's cool. =3

So... I guess he isn't too bad.

I just wish he would stop calling me fat.

Oh and he says I eat too much junk food.

What the fuck.

He never cooks. All his food is pre-made. Frozen/deli stuff. Or greasy take-out. And I'M the one with the unhealthy junk food obsession. He gave me this lecture after I got a Monster Rehab though so maybe he was just pissy that I was drinking a Monster. XD

I dunno..

Zombie by the Cranberries is a very addicting song, even though the vocalist absolutely sucks at singing. XD


Love you all.

Thank you for reading my blog. <3

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  1. your Father is a pretensious douchebag that needs an unlubricated cock up his ass
    15 hour fast. fuck.
    it is too long for me. i cannot go 2 or 3 hours without looking at my drawer.
    your Father's an ass. period of story. the only thing he's good for is getting you pretty phones.
    omg i love that song. it is addicting, isn't it?!
    -Sam Lupin


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