June 13, 2013


Well  my anxiety is through the rough. Like. No joke. I was about to od (on ibuprofen ROFLMAO except I have half a bottle of it and the bottle originally had 24 200mg pills so... hahaha) and my mom was sitting across the table from me and I just gave the bottle to her and she didn't even question it. ^_^ She's awesome sometimes.

Still cut myself though.

With an earring.


Hahaha. I'm desperate okay...

Also punched myself in the stomach a lot.

But it doesn't hurt so I think I'm okay. ^_^ Haha.

Mom's awesome o_O Surprisingly. Grandma honestly feeds people too much, so we're like conspiring against her to like, eat as few calories as possible. Which is still a hell of a lot more than I would like, but it's much better than the alternative.

Oh and I've been talking to this guy online. He's 27, divorced, has a son. He's also very sweet, likes whipping/biting/clawing/and the idea of me being his pet.
Though really, my DARLING BOYFRIEND shouldn't have slept with that skank.
And he should whip me -_-

I'm sorry for how explicit that got o_O

In my defense I'm listening to a song called La Confession?




  1. no ODing on ibuprofen bb :(
    nooooooooo i'm sad you cut yourself, honey :(
    with an earring???!
    nooooo i hate the thought of this. this is horrible. :( i'm sorry you were in that much pain, honey. you don't deserve it.
    your darling boyfriend is an ass.
    and oh. sexy 27 year old.
    La Confession. wow. sounds yummy?
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Oh sweetie I'm sorry things are rough right now :(
    Your boyfriend is an ass, and he doesn't deserve you. The 27 year old sounds like an interesting prospect. Please just stay safe, yes yes? I know you've heard it all before, but always be cautious meeting partners online.


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