June 10, 2013


Yay there's some internet here! Very little though.

Ugh I made myself throw up here =/ I promised myself I wouldn't because my grandma loves cooking and she prides herself on it. But I can't handle it here. She expects me to eat CHEESE and BREAD and SOUR CREAM and CHOCOLATE. Oh my God.

I met up with a group of people ages like.. 13-25. The guy who was 25 asked me to hang out with him alone the next day (yesterday, June 9). We did. It was fun. Except the part where he kept trying to buy me ice cream/candy and saying I was so thin it looked like the wind would blow me away. I wish. 

Everyone at the party (mentioned above) spoke some English except the 25 year old guy, who spoke Russian. XD It was fun! They were all speaking Latvian and these two guys were translating for me (depending on which smaller group I was with at the time) - one English and one Russian. It was super sweet. =) And everyone was like telling jokes in English and stuff. Apparently they love American memes here haha. Dunno if they're American (grumpy cat?) but ya know... English memes. XD


I keep having to tell myself not to cut or make myself throw up.

My willpower can only handle so much. =/ I'm terrified I'll break.

My grandfather is horrible. He always watches TV ridiculously loudly and yells at my grandmother, who's the sweetest person ever. Ugh.
At least my mom stands up to him haha. And grandma and I go to the kitchen or out to the shops to get away from him. Surprisingly the kitchen is actually quite safe. XD I usually just sit there and drink tea (no sugar of course <3) and help her cut stuff (cheese, vegetables, ya know) while she cooks. She's always cooking o_O Lmao oh well. And she tells me stories about Soviet times and my great-grandma and stuff. =) It's nice.

Hope your summers (or winters!) are going well. <3


  1. im sade you threw up but sometimes you have to i guess :(
    oh my gosh. sounds like my diet. minus the sour cream. fucking love chocolate, and crisps and bread and cheese.
    if someone believes it, then it's bound to be true. :P <3
    yeah. English memes. xD. i know what you mean.
    no cutting! :(
    so bland tea?
    yummmmmmmmmy. cheese.
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Ahhh, sounds fun! I love the 'American memes' haha.

    I'm glad you at least have refuge in the kitchen or out at the shops. She sounds like the sweetest grandma ever.



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