June 28, 2013


Haha @Sam Lupin - what do you mean "what am I doing"? o_O What was wrong with it?

The bf has given me a cutting knife and said I can go on a liquid fast if I want. Yay!
This isn't as bad as it sounds. He knows we're having relationship problems and I'm used to dealing with things by cutting and while he hates my cutting, he realizes that at the moment, he can't stop me. So he gave me a knife and told me it's my responsibility to keep it sterilized and let him take care of my cuts. I haven't used it yet even though it's sitting on the headboard. =3
It was sweet... I completely flipped out (combination of pms and exhaustion I think) the other night and started crying and shit and he just put me into bed, covered me with my favorite purple blanket, and sat next to me and petted my hair and talked to me until I calmed down <3 I don't deserve him at all.

And the liquid fast thing... I told him I planned to do homemade smoothies (non-dairy milk, vegetable, fruit), Monster Rehab, coffee with creamer/sugar, and tea. Obviously this is not entirely true (creamer/sugar in COFFEE? wtf?) but it made him happy. This will kinda be indefinite, but since I talked to him about it first, he hopefully won't get all pissy at me for not eating his cooking. =3

Also... whoever decided Oreos should be dairy-free was a fucking sadist.


That is all.

Haven't unpacked my scale yet. Too scared to look at the number. >_<

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