October 16, 2010

10 days

Until I turn 17 =)

Sigh. I took a few too many ibuprofen last night (20 200mg ones I think? I know it was 20) and my stomach is doing funky shit today. But that could be lack of sleep.

There's this French club thing (shut up... It's literally a requirement if you're in French V) tonight at 6:30. Some corn maze shit. Yeah, I think it's stupid too. Sadly, I mentioned it to my mom and now she expects me to go and I feel too fat to be in public. Ugh.

I cut last night. It felt so good. The sweet pain... Except then I started remembering. And I couldn't stop. Which explains the ibuprofen. I always go to pain relievers when my mind is doing crazy shit. I guess it makes sense? But then I called my boyfriend cause I got scared and he was all disappointed =( And I realize he has the most adorable Spanish accent ever. Oh... in case I haven't mentioned this before, the boyfriend (have I mentioned that I have one?) is from Spain and he moved year a few years ago, when he was 12. And he seriously has the most adorable accent ever =)

Oh now I'm all happy! <3 Love you!

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