October 13, 2010


An impulse is a change in momentum. I don't know.

Brice, haha... Yep, I can totally relate to that paranoia =)

Though for the record, in case I haven't mentioned this before, I'm more bulimic. Though that seems to be changing...

I was going to fast today. It was going really well. Totally in control. No water, I don't drink while I'm fasting. (A fasting bulimic? What next?) Then... the mother intervened. She noticed I hadn't eaten much today (...ugh...) and forced me to eat dinner. Half a bowl of this Russian vegetable soup. Ugh. 75cals max. But it took an hour to eat it. I kept crying and freaking out about how it was going to make me fat. I'm a really pathetic bulimic. I suck at binging. Haha. Oh Lord... So yeah. That sucked. Kinda scares me.

Oh and I barely sleep these days. And I'm perfectly fine with this. I think I've gone a little insane.

Love to you all <3

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