October 10, 2010


Hey Brice, thanks for your comment =) Just to respond to it though, I'm already vegan. So anything I eat is already mostly plant based (we're not including the purely chemical Diet Coke/Coke Zero that I love so much). If I didn't have a morbid obsession with losing weight, I would love going to a vegan restaurant. Sadly, I do, so I'm scared of the idea.

So still no scale =/ I think I'm losing weight or doing something right at least because yesterday (haven't been out today haha) I could barely walk and I was all dizzy and shaky. Of course, I decided to go on a few-mile walk around my city anyway (and ran into a few cute boys from drumline who offered to get me coffee... poor guys got turned down though. I don't trust the calories in coffee) and I felt like I was about to pass out/throw up the whole time. Ah well. Calories were burned. It was worth it. =)

Hmm... Not much to talk about really. I hope I get a scale soon so I know my weight =/ It's killing me

Mom made some eggplant thing. She keeps trying to make me eat it. Ugh. Sorry, but I am NOT eating vegetables covered in oil and shit.

Ohhh... I has a totally unrelated story! So on Friday, my French class went to this French immersion thing at a nearby university for the whole (school) day. There's only 8 of us because it's French V (AP) and most people are too wimpy to take it. Suckers... Anyway.

When we were on the bus ride back to school (school gets out at 2:35, bus was supposed to get back at 2), Madame convinced the bus driver to stop at a fort (...yeah, that's my city's claim to fame. A fort. Aren't you jealous?) and we wandered around and scared the lady in the gift shop for 15-20 minutes. Then we got back to school and scared the French IV kids. It was great =D

<3 4 followers! Ahh thank you for making me feel loved!

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  1. i knew i wasnt the only one deathly afraid of oil. i also turn down most food offered to me because i ALWAYS think my moms trying to make me fat when she tells me its a diet coke or the lady at the register will put sugar in my diet coke because she somehow knows about my ED >.<


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