October 29, 2010


xXxPerfectLiexXx, I have no chance at parental consent. And I did ask both my... parental figures? Mom and stepdad. Neither of them will let me get it done, so I'll just do it myself and hope they don't notice =) I'm wearing really small stuff until I move out though. Don't want them getting too pissed at me. Or noticing... Haha. But yeah, I will be careful =)

Ugh. I took... 40? More than that? Ibuprofen yesterday. Fuck.. I felt like I was dying yesterday. I took them after school and then I had to go to calculus. I thought I was fine. I had a bit of a stomach ache, but that wasn't really surprising. Then I fell asleep in calc. Not very surprising either. I thought I would only doze off for 5 or 10 minutes like I usually do. 15 max. Nope. I was out for almost the whole period. (Fell asleep around 4:30, class ends at 5:35 and I woke up around 5:20) Totally disoriented. Then when I went upstairs to get my parents so we could go home, I could barely walk. It was so scary. I thought I was going to pass out or die or something. Then when we got home, I felt insanely sick and I fell asleep until 7:15, when my mom yelled up the stairs that we have to leave at 7:20. I told her I would be down by then. I wasn't. 7:24 and I finally came down because she yelled at me again. Totally crashed. Barely got through my vocal lesson. Came home and could fucking swear I was dying. Sigh.

Friend woke me up by calling me around... 1? Yeah. Something like that. He made me smile, laugh. I felt alive again.

Still feel sick as fuck today.

Lesson of the day: Don't fucking overdose on shit. Even if it's just pain meds.

At least they're an amazing laxative, once you can get past the nausea and dizziness and feeling like your stomach is getting torn open from the inside and sleepiness and just being so fucking out of it.

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