August 11, 2011


I need to take a shit.

No joke.

Oh God I feel so sick. There's a lawn mower going and those always give me fucking panic attacks. Thank God for loud music. THANK FUCKING GOD FOR IT.

I met this really cute girl last night. =)

My phone died. No, like, completely. The charger port got jammed into the phone so I can't charge it (the charger can't reach the charger port) and the battery died so I'm phone-less T_T


I don't get vegetarians.

Why be vegetarian? It doesn't really help animals that much... why not just be vegan? It's the milk/egg producing animals that are horribly abused (though the slaughterhouse animals are also abused) and anyway, dairy is bad for your bones... the animal protein takes the calcium out... Ugh.

Thanks for the comments <3


Yep it's really like that =)

Love this show <3


Oh irony >.< like he can talk

My current desktop background =) I take no credit for this

From the same site. I also take no credit for this

Made me laugh =)

PSA. If someone tells you to eat/drink something, DON'T FUCKING DO IT! <3


I got a hair cut. See the ends? It's so short! I love it <3

Sorry for being ugly T_T

Ummmm I don't know what else to say.

Love you all <3 thank you for reading my blog. Comment me if I'm not following your blog so I can follow it <3 


  1. I love your pictures. They are usually quite funny.
    I also love the pic of you. You are pretty!

  2. "I need to take a shit.
    No joke."

    ...What the fuck is wrong with you?


Not all vampires bite! Comment? ^_^