August 03, 2011



Jenn and Arya - <3 I'm sorry I can't view your blogs =( it's probably set as having adult content... GAH FUCK YOU BLOGGER!

Jenn... <3 <3 <3 marry me? Haha >.< Ender's Game rules <3

I told my boyfriend to fuck off today.

I've been really pissed off lately.

I've also been really nauseated.

I'm terrified that I'm pregnant or something. This doesn't feel normal.

But I don't know what normal is.

And I've been throwing up every day.

I don't want to be fat.

Though apparently I still am.

What the fuck.

I'll lost weight though.

I'll stop b/ping.

At least in college.

It's so easy here.

I threw up dinner last night.

I wish I had thrown up more.

Mom and I are about to go back to school shopping.

I binged this morning before my weigh in.

Didn't purge.


I hate myself.

Off topic.

Can you guys think of anything not-so-obvious that I need to get for college?


Day 6 - Pet Peeves

I hate people who think their country is divine and every other country is shit. 

The blissfully ignorant also bother me quite a bit. You know... those people who realize they know nothing and yet they're still happy with that and they don't try to learn more? Yeah, those people.

They're/their/there, threw/through (I've seen this on a "perfectionist"'s blog. Goddamn wannarexics.), too/to/two/2. If you don't know the difference between them, just don't use them, okay? Especially if you're a native English speaker and you only know one language. Oh wait... you don't even know one language. Good job!



I tend to rant a bit.

As a reward for putting up with my ranting...

Look at it. LOOK AT IT. Okay. =)

Related to my pet peeves... =)

Okay... actually I don't mind Raven, but... eh... >.< I couldn't resist reposting this!

How things should be =)


Answer in comments =)

Click to make bigger =)

I'm easily amused =)


My Chemistry teacher did a lot of cool fire stuff on the last day of class =) it was awesome. It left a mark on the ceiling. A big black mark. Haha

Thinspo thinspo!

I might or might not be going through a Harry Potter phase


The problem? I have a Kindle. Oh fuck. =P

Comments! Please? What should I bring to college and what's your weapon in the zombie apocalypse (scroll up for rule! Haha) <3

Love you all <3 thank you for reading!


  1. That really bums me out that you can't see mine....

    YA I love Enders Game and I love The Worthing Saga by OSC. I've read most of the Enders series. I love Children of the mind and Xenocide. The stuff about OCD and Jane.... trippy stuff. If you haven't read Worthing Saga, get it asap....

  2. My zombie apocalypse weapon is a 3' tall pink artificial christmas tree. I'm sure it will save me! As for college, it depends on the teachers and things. Some teachers expect you to get the most random things but as for things you can get now, just the normal pencils, pens, calculator (although you might want to wait to see if the teacher makes you get a certain one/tells you you can't have a certain one) and notebooks, and folders are helpful... If you're going to live in a dorm/apartment away from where you are currently living, I can't really help you...

  3. My weapon happened to be a pillow. I'm doomed!
    Might as well smother myself with it to take the lesser evil :P


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