August 13, 2011


Fat cow. Though I suppose the weight might be off since I weighed myself just now and it's...18:43... haha. But still T_T

Today I've had
-1/3rd glass of a protein smoothie thing (mom thinks I don't get enough protein) - purged
-salad (3 leaves Romaine lettuce, shredded, 10 organic cherry(? they're orange) tomatoes, little bit of Italian dressing (50 calories? 100? No idea... there was almost no dressing)
-glass of vanilla almond milk (90 calories)
-too much fucking cereal, dry -purged (fuck knows how many calories remained)
-borsht, half bowl - purged
-glass of raspberry lemonade (well, actually 2, but they were both a half glass of the lemonade, then the rest was water, so calorie-wise, it's a glass of lemonade) -had just before weighing *stupid* (50 calories)

About to go have vegan sushi with mom -_- (I'm having vegan, she's having raw fish), I'll try to purge that obviously XD

So calorie estimate for today is... 100 + 90 + 500 (estimate for cereal) + 90 + 50 = 730? Rounded up for things I didn't know...didn't count stuff that was purged immediately...So, 800 max?

What the fuck.

I thought it was more.

Like thousands.

That's what it feels like.

Listening to The Arcane Dominion by Eluveitie =)

Mom just went to the store. Fuck. She got AlmondDream ice cream, ice cream bites, tofurkey, popcorn, we already have bread... Please don't let me b/p.... T_T Please let there be a god.

I helped my mom cut stuff for the borsht today =) It was fun. I like doing stuff like that. So why do I have to eat that shit after I cut it? But one of the things I cut was beets and my hands were so stained after that =) haha they're washed off now though. Still ^_^

I stole that crossing out thing from another blogger >.< I really like it...

Oh! There's a girl from PT... she goes to the same college I'm going to =) so we traded numbers (I forget if she has mine, but I have hers) and we might meet up on campus ^_^

Beautiful unbeautiful - thank you for your lovely comment =) <3 I'm sorry I can't read your blog =( apparently it has adult comment.

Fuck you, blogger T_T

Gotta say though... this lemonade? It's awesome. 50 calories per glass. But you HAVE to dilute it with water (I do 50% lemonade, 50% water) or else it's disgustingly sweet (I'm guessing... I never drink juice if I haven't mixed it with water first XD) It's called like Tropi50 I think? Something like that. Yummy

Normally I don't like these comics, but this is me when playing Pokemon... -_- LITERALLY


Love you all <3 hope you're doing better than me

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  1. Sorry you can't read my blog. It's not like there is anything really mature on there. It's just I want a warning because it's so negative. Don't worry though. You're not missing out on much. ;)


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