September 21, 2011

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Wow. Just wow. Thanks, you guys. =)
I'm sorry I'm a horrible blogger. Current weight? No idea. Current addiction? Caffeine. I'm trying to get over that. I think I'm really fat. (Don't we all?)
My "friend" said I'm a fat pig because I sleep with random guys. Whatever. I didn't cut when he said that. Barely wanted to. (Maybe it was just because he's not worth it.)

No idea what's going on. So I'm going to get more control over that.

Oh yeah. AND NO CAFFEINE. Fuck. I'm not letting myself get addicted to shit.

Does anyone still read this? Haha I know I wouldn't...

If you do, I love you.

If you don't... I love you anyway, though obviously you don't know that cause you don't read.



I started writing another story during my psych class today. It's about zombies. No idea. I hate zombies. I like the story. It's... cliche. But fun to write. Nyeh? I'm reading the Ender's Game books again. And Dracula. I read too much. Some of it's for school.

Pretty Little Liars/Gossip Girl books are triggering as hell. I wanna throw up until I bleed. Ha. I'm happy though. I don't wanna hurt myself. See? I'm healthy, happy, a perfect specimen, just like I'm supposed to be.

(Except I'm still fat as hell. That kinda kills the perfection thing.)



  1. I love the PLL and GG books ... and the shows too.

    Also I'm crazy-addicted to caffeine. It does kind of suck. If I don't get coffee before 9 am I have a raging headache. I wish I didn't love it so much.

    Congrats on not cutting and i'm sorry that "friend" of your totally sucks.

  2. Still reading you! That "I'd love you anyways though you wouln'd know cause you don't read" really made me laugh :D
    Reminds me of this morning, i was too late for school, so no coffee in the morning. I couldn't concentrate on anything my teacher was saying. But actually it's easy to get rid of caffein addiction, it's just that I don't want to.
    Whatever, love to read your blog, you should post more often!


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