September 26, 2011

Okay I'm in desperate need of responses to this... there's too much shit in my head and decisions to be made and I need outside advice on this (which I've already gotten on the coffee thing, but it's never a bad idea to get more, nyeh?)

So. The coffee thing. I could have
a-soy lattes. 220cals for a tall one. Obviously not a very good option. I'll probably avoid this.
b-coffee-flavored stuff? It's a Starbucks thing, but it's served cold in a can. Tastes safe but it's 210cals per can. They're big, but still...
c-light vanilla flavored coffee stuff. Same as b, but this is light vanilla and it's 130cals per can. Tastes good, but... 130cals? Is it really necessary?
d-fuck coffee. Vitamin water zero. One of them (the orange one) has 30mg of caffeine. This is the one I'm seriously leaning towards.

I just finished rereading Wasted. It made me want to subsist on a diet of a few Skittles a day. >.< I'm not sure this is healthy. It also made me really happy that I don't have an eating disorder. =)

My friend ("friend", though I would probably like him if I liked guys... he's sweet, except for this ONE THING he does that I'm about to mention... obviously a relationship killer) made me eat pizza last night. Fuck. I felt so sick... Still do. It's so fattening and disgusting. How can ANYONE enjoy it?

Haven't eaten today, just a few sips of that orange vitamin water 0... I feel okay. Actually I'm in a really good mood. It's quite lovely. I feel really pretentious. I also want to read. A lot. Everything I can get my hands on. Which is... a lot.

I think I'm getting better. At least I don't want to stick my fingers down my throat all the time now.

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  1. Starbucks has light coffees in glass bottles for 100 cals a bottle. I thinkg they are the best.


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