September 29, 2011


So I have to go to French class soon. Er.. no, not soon... it's at 2:15 and the building is like, 2 minutes away, if I walk slowly. Haha. It's 1:18 now. I'm just going to read after this.

I've gotten into this horrible habit. My throat always hurts like a bitch when I wake up, so I drink a shitload of water because if I don't, even breathing makes my eyes water. Then I go take a shower. My scale's hidden in my closet (er..."hidden") so while I'm getting dressed in there and my roommate is getting ready, doing whatever the hell she does, I get on the scale with my hair soaking wet. But I only do this on weekdays. On weekends, I wait until my hair is dry to weigh myself. I'm a fucking idiot. So it looks like I gained a ton on Monday even if I didn't. And it looks like I lost a ton on Saturday. Obviously I didn't. Yeah... >.<

There's this debate going through my head. To breakfast or not to breakfast? Drinks are 0 calories. I know of the 100cal Starbucks things, but I can't find them here (maybe in the cafe downstairs? But it's like, WAY out of the way of my first classes, so maybe next semester... it's like, across-campus-out-of-the-way haha) My logic for both sides...

None- freedom, won't royally fuck up the day as soon as it starts (eating = fucking up), won't be as tempted to stick my fingers down my throat every day, etc etc etc
Something small- metabolism boost. Theoretically. Weight loss. Or so they say. If it's the right thing, I probably will be less likely to eat throughout the day. But that is easily done through other means (aka working/reading my butt off and avoiding food/friends) But the metabolism boost thing? Yeah that's tempting. And it's not like I want to be sick or anything. Just thin.

But then the question is... what should I have? And I'll get it when my (now) usual vitamin water zero...

Oh yeah! I've decided. I don't need coffee. The orange vitamin water has caffeine and the lemonade one is really good so...yep. S'all good. ^_^

Okay I should go... people are eating here and stuff. Haha. I'll have breakfast if I find a good safe food for it where I get my vitamin water in the mornings. Good plan? I think it is.

<3 Love you guys! Sorry about how long this post is >.<


  1. Not too long a post at all - I love hearing a little more from you.

    Good luck with your breakfast decisions - I say find something you're comfortable with and go for it. I'm recovered but even when I was eating my least breakfast was actually my biggest meal and I think it made me more functional.

  2. I love fiber cereal with skim milk <3 for breakfast. When I'm in a good routine (which, admittedly, I'm really not right now) that's what I have.


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