October 17, 2012


Yesterday the fiance had a horrible fight... he wanted to go out to eat and I didn't want food at all. We ended up compromising. Kinda. He made us salad (tofu, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, cucumber) and gave me a piece of pizza. I ate it all. Woke up to that weight. ^

Sitting outside with my puppy right now. The weather's gorgeous and she's sniffing everything... It's adorable.

Please, God, don't let me gain...

Oh and the people taking care of my cat? They're getting evicted tomorrow. Their landlord broke in a day or two ago (they're staying right down the street now and the place where they used to live is in a different city) and my cat ran away. So... now I don't have a cat.

Kinda depressing. =/ Anyway...

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