October 14, 2012

Haunted House

I've been working at this haunted house in the area called Nightmare Plantation. It's so fun! It's volunteer work, all the money goes to charity, but there's free water for all the "actors". Basically, we all perform in the haunted house to make it scarier. Few hours, 4 nights a week...

Might post pictures. I've been a psychotic daughter about to be killed by my exorcist mother (animatronic), in the same room as my dead father (thrashing animatronic) or the victim of an ax murderer/butcher. The very bloody victim. My job being to scream for help while chained up to distract the audience from the butcher who's hiding around the corner, waiting to jump out and scare them. Haha... it really is fun! Though walking home covered in fake blood is a little awkward... XD But people down here love their scary haunted houses so it's okay I guess. =)

For some reason I find pictures like this to be a lot more inspiring than the typical thinspiration... I guess because it's different from the endless pictures of skeletal/super skinny girls that make up most thinspo blogs?

The puppy is doing fabulously by the way. =) Back to normal, with more energy! Haha I love her so much. =)

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